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  • “Man, in affinity with man,
    survives, and that survival is pleasure.”

About Prama

Prama, the Sanskrit name for 'knowledge' is a mind wellness centre. The centre provides thorough programs in mind wellness and spiritual gains along with an understanding of life and its various components. It's the harmony between our past stories and our unwritten future that we must aim to achieve, thus, resulting in a well-balanced state of mental health.

Meet Namrita

Founder // Proffesional Auditor (Counsellor)

It is always when one is going through some hardships and mayhem in their own head that life pushes them to a unique and completely life-changing realm of practice. In Namrita’s beautifully transformative case, it was into the field of mind management.
She started her training as a professional auditor (counsellor) in the year 2012 and decided she needed some help in making her mind stable and enhancing her analytical abilities. A professional life coach, one-on-one trained supervisor/counsellor, and qualified Dianetics (book one) auditor, her qualifications speak for her talent and her ability to take the bull by the horn, no matter how hard a situation might be.

What We Specialize In



“The difference between thought and matter is that thought aligns in its highest echelon and matter is chaos.”

What is that one seeks deep within? What makes us wonder who we are? What are we doing here? So many doubts, so many questions. It has been a mystery for aeons. Everyone has been searching for the answers to the enigma of the unknown realm of the soul, the spirit and who we are. For countless ages past, man has been engaged upon a search. All thinkers in all ages have contributed their opinion and considerations to it. Where are you going? Why are you here? What are you? Seeking such answers? Discover answers to such questions that have intrigued man forever.

“The most therapeutic agent in the universe is the spirit”


“The ability to think is the capability of the mind to perceive, pose and resolve specific and general problems.”

The human mind, that vast unknown realm, half an inch back of our forehead is truly a journey into the terra incognita. There is much, which an individual does not know about himself, about his ‘motives’. Why do we think about things that we don’t have control over? Why is there so much insanity in the world? Why do our minds and thoughts control our ability to be rational when we are supposed to be in control of them? What are the mysteries of the mind, which have bothered so many people? Why do we fall ill? Why can’t we stay analytical always? So many questions, so many doubts. Well, we have the answers!

“The human mind is capable of resolving the problem of the human mind.”


“The only richness there is, is understanding.”

What is understanding? How do we achieve a good relationship with our family, children, parents, lover, or business partners? What are the key factors that influence the understanding of human relations? How can we achieve a balanced and healthy relationship?
There are some key elements or components of understanding. They are all done under simple courses and with personally designed programmes for individuals, helping you achieve a happy and flourishing relationship with simple understanding.
Understanding doesn't solely revolve around giving in or always lessening one's own reality or affinity for others. A lot of factors are involved in maintaining a relationship. Who can we trust? Who is our real friend or enemy? Whose company will bring us down and who will help us come up? There are some definite answers and tools we have that can make your life easy and your relationships prosperous.

“Understanding is the universal solvent. It washes away everything.”


“Ethics actually consists of rationality toward the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group and mankind, and the other dynamics, taken collectively.”

‘Ethics are reason’ – In the matter of being right or being wrong, a lot of muddy thinking can develop. There are no absolute rights or absolute wrongs. Being right does not consist of being unwilling to harm and being wrong does not consist only of not harming.
Ethics is a touchy topic. Not everyone wants to go there. But what is ‘ethics’ really? How can we be right and not harm anyone? A spirit is natively ‘ethical.’ A being doesn’t naturally work towards the harm of his fellow beings. Then why does one go wrong? Why is there a non-confront in knowing about ethics?

“ A man with a clean heart can’t be hurt. “


“He who would give must be willing to receive. He who would receive must be willing to give.”

It is very interesting to know how we have to play several different roles at once in our lives. We are always somebody’s mother, daughter, son, father, husband, wife, sister, brother, boss or employee. An individual has to play so many roles at one time and it’s only normal to get these roles mixed up often, consequently landing in a state of confusion. How can we differentiate these roles and keep them stable in their respective positions? How to not mix up these various roles like a mother and a wife or a mother and a boss in the office? How can she not be overwhelmed and get pulled in various directions?
The most difficult thing would be she losing herself in the process of being somebody; she will lose her individuality.
That is the loss here; the spiral that pulls you down and keeps you lost in these various role-plays in life.
Here we have beautifully carved out programmes that help you understand this confusion. We can help you understand how one can segregate these role-plays with certainty, with full and true understanding. The abilities and shortcomings of individuals can be understood by viewing their participation in their various roles in life.

“To be happy, one only must be able to confront (which is to say, experience) those things that are.”


“A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.”

The most difficult topic for every parent. A topic that has so many variations and solutions on the internet by various professionals, writers and educationists. What is correct parenting? Is there anything called correct parenting or good parenting at all? Why do we even need to have this title of a good parent or bad parent?
Here at Pramā, we have the right data and programmes for anyone to get an understanding of how to have a trouble-free relationship with your children. How to be their real friends. These are individually designed programmes and courses on how to help your teens and tweens grow into confident, positive and responsible adults. You can discover how to overcome the struggles of parenting and bring up your kids the ‘ideal way’. We have remarkable tools and data, assimilated from years of experiences and knowledge of philosophers and humanitarians in accordance with several parents and children to assist you with the same.

“A family is a group with the common goal of group survival and advancement.”


“People have to be told and kept in the frame of mind that life is worth living and that things are worth doing.”

On what factors does holding a job depend?
Financial connections? Contacts? Personal charm? Luck? Education? Industry?
Well, to a lot of us these seem to have been the dominant factors for holding one’s job, business, positions or posts. Are these the true factors on which a job is dependent? One studies very hard, makes it to college, finally goes for a job interview and has no idea about the probability of acing it. The job may or may not be the one he desires or had his ambitions on. On the other hand, this other guy enjoys his way through studies, cheats and barely manages to pass through his university, but gets a position much higher than the first one.
One can say life isn’t fair and this was all luck. Was it really? We often realise that one’s personal ability and hard work isn’t always enough to withstand this confusion and the chaos of better pay, promotions and stable jobs. So personal ability would not hold the same importance as it did earlier. What is this if not the cruel ways of fate? Let’s solve this mystery together.

“It is only when something makes man unwilling, stops him too often and kills his interest in what he is doing that he becomes exhausted.”
Study technology

Study technology

“A datum or formula or anything like that is really just as good to an individual as it’s workable.”

All things are complex when they are poorly understood. Education that invites and stimulates reason and seeks to accelerate the individual towards a successful and happy level of existence should be the goal of all educators and institutions. Having enough faith in individuals to assume the proper usage of education helps the individual rise to a much happier and more stable state of mind.
Life is a learning process. If you don’t know how to learn what you learn, the simplest tasks can feel like grasping at straws endlessly. It can lead to a lot of troublesome situations.
Whether one is in school, college or any other field or activity, even something as simple as driving a car for the first time, they are learning. The question that arises is, are they? Are they truly learning?
Everything we have been taught in school and college has hardly ever been applied in our lives. Why is the end goal of education only limited to getting a degree or a high position in a company?
The process of learning is not just gathering or piling up data on top of data. It involves the process of obtaining a new understanding, discovering different perspectives and using evolved ways to do things.
Those who get along with life never really stop studying, absorbing and applying.
We at Pramā have understood the importance of learning, hence we constantly strive towards enhancing this ability within the human mind every single day.

“The evolution of knowledge is toward simplicity, not complexity.”